Welcome to our window cleaning price guide.

While we have been in business as window cleaners, we have noticed that a lot of window cleaners are very unclear when it comes to the details of their pricing, not only that but a lot of window cleaners tend to raise their prices annually.

Being consumers of other services ourselves, we have realised how frustrating that could be for our potential, valued customers, so here at Chippenham Window Cleaner we have wanted to be as open as we can about our pricing as possible.

Please be aware that we at Chippenham window cleaner Do Not raise prices annually, and do our best to avoid price rises, the price you get at the time of the quote is a fixed rate.

Price raises only happen in extreme circumstances, or if your property has been extended in some way, you will be informed in advance of a price rise if it ever has to happen.

Please click on the button at the left of this page, which you feel best describes your property.

We do not live in an ideal world, and no property is the same, but we hope this little price guide will help make our pricing as clear as possible.

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